For Some, Not Even Sex Can Make Them Put Their Phone Down


A study by Mobile Consumer Habits revealed that 9 percent of 2,021 surveyed used their smartphone during sex.

Yes, you read DURING sex. Not before or after. The percentage actually rises to 20 percent when you focus only on the 18-34 year-olds.

This led me to actually think of what you would use a smartphone for during sex. I could only think of three:

1.) To film the event.
2.) To get tips while going at it. (Folks, there are a lot of sex tip apps out there)
3.) Use Siri as a coach to make things interesting.

Ok, so number 3 might be a stretch but I guess the smartphone really has become a part of everything we do. I mean every one has been at a table with their friends only to realize that no one is talking and every single person is looking down at their phones.

These are the times when I fear becoming too attached to my phone. Then I realize I’d panic without my phone by my side at all times. I love my phone…

To further prove our addictions to our devices, here are a few more interesting numbers provided by the study:

  • 12 percent used their phones in the shower
  • 19 percent used their phones at church
  • 26 percent worry about someone accessing their financial accounts on their phone
  • 30 percent admitted to accessing someone else’s smartphone
  • 32 percent used their phone at a child’s school function
  • 33 percent pulled out their phone during a dinner date
  • 33 percent fear someone taking their phone for social media pranks
  • 35 percent pulled out their phone at the movie theater
  • 55 percent used their phones while driving
  • 65 percent cling to their phones to prevent their personal information from being stolen
  • 72 percent won’t let their mobile device out of sight for fear of catastrophic consequences