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I want to welcome you to the newest technology blog on the interwebs, The Tech Fortress! This site will be your new stronghold for technology related news, insights and opinions. I guarantee it.

Here at The Tech Fortress we aim to cover not just the latest gadget, but what makes that gadget awesome. We are more interested in the technology behind the gadget and how that could change the way we go about our lives. For Example: 

The Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was just recently announced and will soon be available to the public. A new phone everyone can scramble to go get? What’s the big deal?? It’s the same as the S3 just bigger right?


Wrong. Sure it looks like a bigger version of the S3, but in actuality there is some really cool technology behind the new “life companion” phone that no one else offers.

What does it do?

One of the coolest technological innovations on the phone is it’s eye tracking capabilities. This allows the phone’s user to stop and start videos, as well as scroll up and down pages of text by simply using your eyes. Samsung’s “Smart Pause” will automatically stop a video when the user looks away from the phone. That’s awesome.

Another capability of the phone are it’s “Air Gestures,” a much needed addition in the world of touch technology. This will now allow users to preview emails, photos, and other things by just hovering a finger over the object. This is similar to hovering the mouse arrow over an object on your desktop.

What does this mean?

The technology provided by the new Galaxy S4 are major steps in the growing world of touch screens and touch technology. Allowing the user to control the phone without actually touching it provides for more interactivity, more functionality, and increased naturality in the user’s operation.

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