18-Year-Old Invents Device to Recharge Cell Phones in Seconds


I’m usually happy if my cell phone fully recharges in half an hour.

18-year-old Californian Eesha Khare decided that 30 minutes was too long. So she invented a device to recharge cell phone batteries in 20 to 30 SECONDS. Yes, seconds not minutes. I also had to double take when I saw that because that is ridiculously incredible.

The device is a rectangular type of supercapacitor that is a little over an inch long.

I immediately started thinking two things when I saw this: Why didn’t I do anything like that when I was 18 and this kind of extremely fast charging could do great things for other products.

Just think, instead of waiting hours for your electric car to charge, the car could be charged in 20 minutes. Doesn’t that make electric cars look about 50 times more intriguing than before? I think so.

Electric car companies, like Tesla, better get in touch with Eesha because she is on to something that could change the future of their industry.