9 Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. For those of you who this is news to, it’s this Sunday May 12. Don’t Panic though, here is an awesome list of techy gifts for the one who gave you life this Mother’s Day.

1. Kaboo Fashion Bag With Tech Pouch $125

With the amount of technology and gadgets we carry around these days, plus the survival kits women carry around, a woman’s purse can be downright jungle-ish. To help your mother get organized giver her one of these stylish “Fashion Bags” with pouches for all your mother’s technological needs. With 12 different designs there is sure to be one your mother will fall in love with. 

2. Click and Grow – $79

Some mothers can make anything grow. My mother… cannot. For those sons and daughters like me, the Click & Grow is the perfect gift. It’s a “smartpot” that makes it virtually impossible to ruin the plant you are trying to grow. In fact everything is taken care of by the pot, you just have to add water, plug in the batteries, and watch the plant grow. With 13 plant cartridges of herbs and bedding plants, this will certainly be a gift any mother would enjoy.

3. Digital Camera – Sony NEX $450 – $950

It’s my theory that all mothers love to take pictures. Every Easter, Christmas, Birthday, or anytime I get dressed, half the day becomes a photo shoot. If your Mom is still using a film camera, or a point-and-shoot digital camera, it’s definitely time to think about an upgrade. Try the Sony Alpha NEX series. These hybrid cameras are a perfect mix between the simple point-and-shoot and the complicated DSLR cameras. Capable of taking incredible DSLR quality pictures, while still having a simple interface, the Sony NEX is certainly the way to go. You can also add fun applications, making the photo ops virtually endless.

4. iPad stand

If you are looking for a gift on the cheaper side, think about getting your mother an iPad stand. There are a million to choose from, and can range from $5 to $200. Whatever the price though, the function is basically the same, to prop up an iPad. This can be very convenient when mom is trying to cook from a recipe or video, watch a movie, or type out some notes.

5. Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker – $150

Everyone loves to sing in the shower, I know it’s not just me. A relaxing and fun gift for Mother’s Day could be Kohler’s new Moxie Showerhead with a Bluetooth enabled speaker. The removable speaker sits in the showerhead itself and syncs up wirelessly to your music player via Bluetooth. Your mother will love to turn on the hot water, crank up the tunes, and rock on. Just make sure to tell her to place her music player outside of the shower…

6. 4moms Origami Stroller – $850

For new moms, this would certainly be the most badass gift received. This baby stroller is absolutely loooaddeeed with technology. Not only does it fold itself, it charges itself, it charges your cellphone, it has an LCD dashboard with a thermometer, speedometer, and trip odometers, it also has DAYTIME RUNNING LIGHTS! I don’t even have a child and I want one of these.

7. Brookstone wireless key finder – $50

Mom’s are constantly going everywhere and are usually on tight schedule. There is no time for your mom to hunt for your keys every time she looses them. Just have her attach one of these key fobs on her key ring and she will never misplace her keys again!

8. Ion iPics 2 Go – $40

Again, mother’s tend to take a ton of pictures, and up until 10 years or so ago, most of those pictures were taken with film and are only available via hard copy. The Ion iPics 2 Go is a simple machine that easily digitizes your photos, slides, and even negatives. Using your mom’s iPhone and only $40 this a great gift to cause the old memories to resurface.

9. Kindle Paperwhite – $120

If your mother loves to read, there is no better gift than the Kindle Paperwhite. With the new and improved white background, reading off the Kindle Paperwhite is just like reading out of a physical book. When connected to Wi-Fi (or to Amazon’s 3G network on certain models) your mother will be able to download books at the touch of a button (which are normally cheaper than the physical copy), set the size of the text to as big or small as she wants, and read in the dark with the built-in back light.

Bonus – Pink Taser – $400

Cuteness and Protection all in one. Enough said.

If you are looking for more ideas on technology to get mom, check out this cool site: Cool Mom Tech

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